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Green Games?

Posted by: Eachann Gillies Posted Date: 28/07/2014
  Sustainability and effects on the environment are considerations which, thankfully, are beginning to be taken seriously by the organisers of any large event. ‘Green credentials’ are often mentioned these days, and the XX Commonwealth G...
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Cyclehack Glasgow

Posted by: Eachann Gillies Posted Date: 23/06/2014
  Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the world’s first ever Cyclehack. Cycle Law Scotland look an early decision become a major sponsor of the event which helped generate enough funding to enable the event to take place.   ...
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Lycra and cake don't mix or do they?

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 18/06/2014
I barely remember the date of my wedding anniversary but that’s ok as my husband always does.   We were married in 1992 after just 9 months together. It felt right. It was right and 22 years later we are still together. They say marriage is...
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