Campaign for Presumed Liability: Road Share 

No-fault liability definition: “where a person is held responsible not for his failure to display the diligence of a reasonable man, but because he is in control of a source of danger to  other people’s lives, health or property”

The campaign is focused on changing civil law in Scotland to introduce a system of presumed liability so that cyclists and other vulnerable road users who are involved in road traffic accidents are compensated fairly and quickly. Presumed liability establishes a hierarchical structure to identify responsibility in the event of a road traffic accident, bringing certainty to the legal process.

At present, the UK is out of step with Europe as one of only five EU countries (along with Cyprus, Malta, Romania and Ireland) that does not operate system of strict liability for vulnerable road users and yet it is not unprecedented in UK law.

As a consequence, our current system expects those injured or the families of those killed to go through an often harsh and protracted process to gain much needed treatment, care or compensation. On the Continent, forms of strict liability are seen as an integral factor of cycle safety and Scotland has the power to introduce this principle into civil law to demonstrate its credentials as a civilised, cycle-friendly nation.
The ultimate aim is to introduce a member’s bill into the Scottish Parliament, designed to protect the most vulnerable road users and to reflect a hierarchy of road users. To that end, the campaign sets out to highlight the dangers cyclists face from motorists and help facilitate a change in attitudes amongst road users to one based on mutual respect and understanding. Over the course of the next two months, we are running an online petition and forums to share knowledge and advice.

The campaign will also be working with the RED Driving School and Pro-Scot to help promote awareness of cyclists amongst drivers.  

Presumed liability is championed as a way to increase cycle safety by a range of stakeholders from commentators in the media to MSPs in the Scottish Parliament and across a range of cyclist organisations. 
As the Scottish Government encourages more cyclists on to the road, it should offer them the legal protection afforded to other users. Introducing stricter liability, the Scottish Government has the opportunity to take a lead in the welfare and status of cyclists.

At launch, The Road Share Campaign for Presumed Liability has the support of the cycling groups including CTC Scotland, Pedal on Parliament, SPOKES and many others. 


A form of Strict Liability Explained


Key Messages

Key message around the introduction of Stricter Liability can be found here

Busting the Myths

Inevitably, some key messages do not appear to have been fully understood by the public at large. In order to help with the education process and to put the record straight, we have developed a Busting the Myths leaflet. The contents can be found here or downloaded here. Please help us by widely sharing this information.

Q and A

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The campaign has already attracted a number of supporters and hopefully will continue to do so. Read what they have to say>>

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Supporting Case Studies

The following case studies help to demonstrate why Strict Liability needs to be introduced.

Lynda Myles of Edinburgh lost her son Craig Newton in April 2011. He was fatally injured in a collision with a City of Edinburgh Council vehicle.  His bicycle was struck by the lorry and in all probability he fell underneath the wheels sustaining fatal injury. The case is still going through the legal system. Read more>>

Jamie Aarons of Glasgow had to fight through the Courts to obtain compensation after a taxi driver who, parked on her nearside, opened his door into her path.  She had no opportunity to take evasive action causing damage to her bike and helmet. The legal costs grew to nearly £20,000. Read more>>


Radio Interviews

Parliamentary Reception - Dec 2014

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Useful support documents for download

Legislative Competence for StrictLiability

Research report on Strict Liability

Road Share Campaign for Strict Liability Briefing 

Scottish Government's report on Strict Liability as per Action Point 12 of CAPS 2010